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Functional, Reliable, Affordable – JAC N-Series Trucks

Posted on 26 Apr 2022 under JAC Commercial vehicles, JAC N-Series, JAC Trucks

JAC 6-tonne truck

Find out why the JAC commercial trucks are functional, reliable and great value for money

Truck-maker JAC serves the medium commercial vehicle (MEV) segment in South Africa. It believes customers in this segment want trucks that are functional and reliable, but also affordable to run and maintain. Trucks must have comfortable and well-equipped cabins, and be fuel-efficient and easy to operate. Truck operators also want comprehensive service and parts support across the area it operates.

JAC knows a thing or two about trucks and the people who operate them. It started as a truck manufacturer way back in 1964 and trucks were all they made until they diversified into light commercial vehicles and passenger cars in the 2000s.

Currently, JAC offers its full N-series trucks in South Africa and neighbouring countries. The JAC N-series is made up of a 3-tonne, a 6-tonne and an EV-battery electric (to be released).

The N-Series are all built with JAC’s new heavy-duty ladder-frame chassis stamping and welding treatment process, giving a robust base for various body applications. The front suspension is semi-elliptical multi-leaf springs, while the rear has semi-elliptical leaf springs with auxiliary springs.

The solid chassis and frame, with the axles optimally graded for the permissible weight front and back, are ideal for general transport and logistics.

N-Series 3-Tonne Truck

More than three million 3-tonne N-Series trucks have been sold worldwide. The 3-tonne is popular with urban transport and logistics operators because of its manoeuvrability, reliability, excellent fuel consumption and low running costs.

It uses a 2.8-litre common-rail four-cylinder turbo-diesel that develops 80 kW at 3600 rpm and 240 Nm torque between 1800 and 2 000 rpm. This powerful Euro 2 motor is paired with an easy shift five-speed manual transmission. It also has an efficient exhaust brake system. Because peak torque is delivered at low rpm, it reduces the need for frequent gear shifting and this gives better fuel consumption at a combined cycle of 10-litres/ 100km.

The short wheelbase of 3 360mm, 190mm ground clearance and seven-metre turning radius make it ideal for inner-city traffic and small construction sites.

The dimensions are 5 995mm x 1 900mm x 2 330mm and it can take a payload of 3 040kg. The load area measures 4 230mm x 1 790mm x 400mm and the ultra-flat low deck gives you great clearance, making loading and offloading easy.

N-Series 6-Tonne Truck

The 6-tonne truck is popular in the MCV market because of its durability, versatility and low running costs. It appeals to a broad customer base in the transport and logistics sectors across diverse industries.

The N-Series 6-tonner uses the powerful Euro3 Cummins ISF 3.8-litre common-rail four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine with a maximum power of 115 kW at 2 600 rpm and 500 Nm torque between 1 200 and 1 900 rpm. This is linked synchromesh six-speed manual transmission with a hydraulic assisted Single Dry Plate clutch. It also used exhaust brakes. The combined-cycle fuel consumption is 9.5-litres/ 100km.

Its overall dimensions are 7 033mm x 2 200mm x 2 410mm, with a wheelbase of 3 845mm and 190mm ground clearance. Its turning radius is 7.1 metres. The 6-tonne C/C derivative offers a payload of 5 200kg and a large load area measuring 5 153mm x 2 200mm.

N-Series EV Battery-Electric Truck

JAC Motors has been making battery-electric trucks since 2014. These are sold around the world and range from 2.5 to 12 tonnes, with flexible weight and wheelbase options to suit particular tasks on the same frame.

The N-Series EV is powered by a liquid-cooled 96.77 kWh LFP battery. It can reach 200km per charge and can scale 16.7 degrees with a load of 2.5-tonnes. With CCS2-Combo connections, the battery will recharge to 80% in 90 minutes and 100% in two hours. It achieves a 50% lower fuel/energy cost compared to conventional diesel and will give you 30% lower maintenance costs.

This EV has ABS, automatic transmission and the benefits of regenerative braking and an economical driving mode.

Ergonomic Cab Design

The N-Series’ ergonomically designed cabs provide generous space for the driver and two passengers and have standard features such as air-conditioning and a radio with a USB port.

The N-Series 3-tonne and EV trucks have electric windows and height-adjustable steering wheels. The EV also has a pedestrian warning system. In addition, it features JAC Motors’ latest vehicle connectivity system with an 8-inch touchscreen display including Bluetooth, navigation and online music.

Peace Of Mind

JAC Motors has a network of 60 dealers across South Africa, Namibia and Eswatini for parts and service support.

The 3-tonne trucks come with a five-year/150 000km warranty and a five-year/ 60,000km service plan. The 6-tonner has a two-year/unlimited km warranty.

To view the full range of JAC N-Series trucks, speak to a consultant or go for a test drive, simply go to our JAC N-Series page today.

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The Meteoric Rise Of JAC Motors In South Africa

Posted on 19 Apr 2022 under JAC News

The Meteoric Rise Of JAC Motors In South Africa

The Meteoric Rise Of JAC Motors In South Africa

When it comes to quality bakkies (pickups), South African motorists are spoilt for choice with many available options. Now, that list is growing with the recent introduction by Group1 of the all-impressive, stylish, reliable and affordable JAC Motors range of bakkies and trucks. Among them, you will find the JAC T6 and JAC T8 double cab bakkies which are strong contenders in the closely contested local one-ton bakkie market with tremendous potential.

JAC Motors Setting The Bar High

JAC Motors is becoming one of South Africa’s fastest-growing automotive brands and it’s no surprise considering the range of vehicles on offer at affordable prices. From the first JAC T6 double cab bakkie, the JAC X200 single cab and double cab workhorses to the JAC N-Series trucks and the new T8, JAC Motors is leading from the front.

JAC Motors officially launched in South Africa in July 2017 which marked a significant achievement for the automaker since entering the African market through Algeria in 2002. Since then, they have come a long way, steadily growing their African footprint and are currently exporting to 28 different African countries.

From humble beginnings with just ten dealerships in 2017 and selling an average of 15 units per month, JAC Motors has grown exceptionally fast. Between 2020 and 2021, there were 52 dealers countrywide, including 15 dealers selling and servicing its medium and heavy commercial trucks.

By extending its dealer network and product range, JAC Motors is now selling three times more units per month and Group1 is proud to be a part of this. It seems all stakeholders and customers are pleased with what they’ve accomplished in such a short time. They are especially proud of the enthusiasm shown by their dealerships who have implemented their highly-acclaimed global after-sales programme which aims to support the mobility needs of commercial and lifestyle customers.

“From the time we introduced the JAC Motors brand to the South African motoring public, our biggest priorities have been the extension of our dealer network and the implementation of rigid after-sales service capabilities, including a five-year/150 000-kilometre manufacturer warranty,” says Karl-Heinz Göbel, the CEO of JAC Motors South Africa.

JAC Motors Parts Warehouse

In addition to JAC Motors increasing its dealer footprint in 2021 to 62 dealers spreading across South Africa, Namibia and eSwatini, they also opened a new national parts warehouse. It is 25% larger than the previous facility and has been designed to speed up the order and dispatch process significantly. A high-tech ordering system allows them to dispatch orders much faster than before while the new system also tracks parts in real-time so there are no disruptions in the delivery of parts.

“Remarkable growth and the fact that the brand is here to stay as a permanent fixture on the local automotive scene, made the investment decision in our new state-of-the-art parts warehouse easy,” said Göbel.

Range Of JAC Vehicles In South Africa

In 2018, JAC introduced the T6 one-ton double-cab bakkie with tremendous success. It quickly led to the new JAC T8 which looks absolutely sensational, not to mention the good price. Here is a quick look at the incredible vehicles from JAC Motors.

Although based on the JAC T6, the new T8 double cab bakkie is positioned above its predecessor. It’s been designed specifically to take on the current one-ton pickup range including GWM, Foton, JMC and BAW. However, judging by the looks, performance, features and affordable prices, the automaker expects it to compete against mid-range models from bigger name brands such as Mitsubishi, Fiat, Mahindra, Toyota and even Ford.

The new JAC T8 is about the same size as the current Toyota Hilux with a loading bay of 1520mm by 1520mm along with a few Hilux design elements. Designed by JAC Motors international design centres in Italy and Japan, the big chromed hexagonal grille, clamshell bonnet, and strong lines give the T8 a robust and sturdy appearance.

JAC Light Truck Range

If the T6 and T8 are not big enough, there are also JAC workhorses suitable for nearly any job. At the top of the list competing with other big brands are the 1.5-ton JAC X200 SC and JAC X200 DC with ample load capacity in both a dropside or chassis cab. Not only are these vehicles practical and reliable but they also deliver a robust and no-nonsense approach to getting the task done right.

Those wanting an even bigger workhorse should seriously consider the JAC N-Series trucks. The impressive range of JAC lorries includes the fuel-efficient JAC 3-ton truck that offers among the best value for money in its class. Then there is the JAC 6-ton truck which personifies what the N-Series stands for; quality, reliability, functionality and low operating costs. If you are looking for a strong, reliable and affordable workhorse, get yourself behind the wheel of a JAC light truck today.

“Establishing and growing the JAC Motors brand in South Africa has been extremely rewarding. Many results over this period exceeded my expectations by far. From local customer acceptance of our product range to the global introduction of the company’s new N55EV electric truck, all characterise the makings of a successful automotive brand,” said Göbel.

Despite the issues faced by global automotive brands after the Covid-19 pandemic first struck in early 2020, JAC Motors still managed to export nearly 50 000 vehicles to several international markets. As a group, JAC has invested heavily in research and development to promote next-gen technology with 681 new-invention patents in 2020. They intend on accelerating the transformation of advanced technology into “continuous improvements” of the end-user experience.

Ready for a closer look at these incredible vehicles or to book a test drive? Visit the website today for more information and please follow our blog for all the latest updates.

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