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Pride In Your Product – Anand Mahindra And His SUVs

Posted on 16 Jan 2023 under Mahindra

Pride In Your Product – Anand Mahindra And His SUVs


Anand Mahindra is the chairperson of Mahindra & Mahindra, manufacturer of Mahindra cars, as well as active in aerospace, agribusiness, aftermarket, automotive, components, construction equipment, defence, energy, farm equipment, finance and insurance, industrial equipment, information technology, leisure and hospitality, logistics, real estate and retail.

He is a Harvard Business School graduate and was named one of the 25 most influential business people in Asia. He is very wealthy. He can drive whatever car he wants, and he chooses to drive the excellent SUVs his company makes. A man who believes in what he makes.

Mahindra Bolero Invader

Anand owns several Mahindra SUVs, including the Bolero Invader, among the first cars he ever bought. This 3-door Bolero variant has a notably short wheelbase and it was sold and bought as a lifestyle SUV.

Mahindra TUV300


Mahindra TUV300

He also owns a TUV300, a car not sold in India. This one is rather special, though. It is a battle green shade and is fitted with the Mahindra aftermarket Armour kit. This specific car looks ready for battle in any upmarket mall, a luxury tank.

Mahindra TUV300 Plus


Mahindra TUV300 Plus

This is a stretched 9-seater version of the TUV we know in South Africa. He had it painted in a special steel grey and calls it the Grey Ghost.

Mahindra Scorpio


Mahindra Scorpio

Anand is very proud to own a cult first-generation Mahindra Scorpio 4×4. This car is so popular in India that it was not discontinued after the launch of the Scorpio N, but rather renamed the Scorpio Classic.

Alturas G4

The Mahindra Alturas G4 – twin to the Ssangyong Rexton is a very special and rare car. Originally launched as a competitor to the Toyota Fortuner, the Alturas/Rexton is a rather rare vehicle. The one in Anand’s garage is called ‘Baaz’.

Scorpio N


Scorpio N

The Scorpio N was launched recently in India, and Anand has a top-end red 4×4 version. This seven-seater is named Bheem, a character in ancient mythology.

It is telling that someone who can afford any car in the world chooses the ones his company makes. It gives us a glimpse of the passion and pride that has made Mahindra part of the Indian psyche. It is perhaps the key reason why this brand has rapidly spread to global markets.

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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work: Mahindra + Charge Zone® = EV Success

Posted on 15 Dec 2022 under Mahindra Electric Vehicles

Mahindra Partners With Charge Zone® To Power Next-Gen EVs

Mahindra Partners With Charge Zone® To Power Next-Gen EVs

Poised as it is to roll out its all-electric XUV 400 in India and other territories next year, Mahindra & Mahindra have been hard at work paving the way for supercharged success by partnering with Gujarat-based company Charge Zone® to establish a convenient network of charging points across 25 cities. This will include 10 000 km of a highway!

Charge Zone® is one of the leading global companies to have a fully integrated technology, powered by software systems with hardware and renewable energy capabilities. Their innovative charging ecosystem has effectively rewritten the playbook for fleet electrification and inner-city retail EV charging.

“As a part of our vision of creating a network of one million charging points by 2030, our aim is to reduce tailpipe emissions in key cities and consequently bring down pollution in urban markets by encouraging the personal, public and commercial mobility segments to increasingly adopt electric vehicles as a mode of commute,” Kartikey Hariyani, Charge Zone® Founder & CEO, enthuses.

The truly great thing about partnering with this trailblazing service and infrastructure provider is that Mahindra UV users will gain access to a future-proof charging network that is driven by sophisticated grid-to-vehicle tech that empowers the end user with a fully automated, unmanned, cashless EV charging experience via a mobile app.

One amazing result of the partnership between Mahindra and Charge Zone® is the proposed rollout of fast DC chargers that will be installed and maintained at locations of particular importance to the automaker, its affiliates and group companies. This will include rented and owned sites and offices. These stations will be available for use by the public as well.

Both companies agree that this mutually beneficial partnership will allow them to further their shared goal of building and growing a fruitful EV ecosystem to benefit electrical vehicle users throughout the country. To date, Charge Zone® has established 1450+ charging points across 650+ EV charging stations, powering approximately 5000 electric vehicles daily. These stations feature:

  • Rapid DC charging points
  • CCS2 charging protocol
  • 80-100% charge in 20-30 minutes
  • The facility for Type-2 AC chargers when required

We look forward to bringing you more news about this exciting development as it becomes available. In the meantime, feel free to get in touch with the Group1 Mahindra team to learn more about the fantastic vehicles we currently have available on our showroom floors in Midrand and Kuils River. We look forward to getting you behind the wheel of your dream car, bakkie or SUV.

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Top Score In G-NCAP Crash Test For The XUV700

Posted on 22 Nov 2022 under General, Mahindra News, Mahindra XUV700

Mahidnra XUV700 G-NCAP crash test

The new Mahindra XUV700 SUV scored the highest safety rating from G-NCAP

The big luxury Mahindra XUV700 SUV is so nearly in South Africa – you can already pre-order it, and many are doing so. If you’re not – you’ll miss out.

It was crowned Indian Car of the Year 2022, and critics around the world have given it rave reviews for being a great drive, a beautiful car, full of luxury features, and also very safe to travel in.

#SaferCarsForIndia campaign. There it achieved the highest combined safety score (Adult + Child) of any Indian vehicle tested thus far by G-NCAP.

Apart from passing the crash tests with flying colours, you simply have to look at the impressive list of safety features on offer.

There are three trim levels, but let’s look at the top range Mahindra XUV700 AX7 L, which gives you:

The most up-to-date electronic stability program and advanced driver assistance (ADAS), which include front collision warning, automatic emergency braking, lane keep assist, driver drowsiness warning, lane departure warning, and smart pilot assist.

It can recognise traffic signs, and monitor your blind spots, all while continuously recording a digital video of your trip. And you get seven airbags in this model as well.

You can see from this that while the XUV700 has passed the most stringent crash safety tests, much of its technology was designed to help you avoid an accident in the first place.

This approach ties in with G-NCAP and campaigns such as #SaferCarsForIndia and #SaferCarsForAfrica.

The Global New Car Assessment Programme is like the other NCAP programmes, but with a bias to developing nations. It uses the United Nations automotive safety guidelines as its minimum standards, aiming very high for zero road deaths among passengers and pedestrians. This goal is probably not attainable, but it helps focus G-NCAP on how it goes about things.

Its #Safercars programmes focus on India and Africa, both one billion plus population centres with troubling car-related death statistics.

As a driver in South Africa, you will be well aware that you cannot always control road safety around you. This is why driving a car with an impeccable safety pedigree will go a long way to giving you peace of mind.

And if such a car comes with luxury at a great price, it will be well worth it to have a look at the Mahindra XUV700 before you decide what to buy.

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Everything You Need to Know About The ‘22 Pik Up Karoo Expedition

Posted on 26 Oct 2022 under Mahindra Pik-Up

Everything You Need to Know About The ‘22 Pik Up Karoo Expedition


Don’t you just love it when a carmaker puts their creations to the ultimate test? This is exactly what Mahindra South Africa did when they sent their newly released Mahindra Pik Up Karoo DUSK, DAWN, and STORM vehicles on an uncharted 21-day adventure through three southern African countries.

Following Clues Through South Africa, Namibia And Lesotho

Expedition leader, Hardy De Kock, and fellow adventurers Peter King, Jaco du Plessis and Chantal Burger were the lucky drivers who got to pilot the new Karoo bakkies (unveiled locally in July) on an incredible three-day adventure. The made-for-purpose adventure bakkies came with the brand promise to ‘unleash the explorer in you’ and the Pik Up Karoo Expedition set out to do just that.

De Kock’s team covered 8,580km covered through South Africa, Namibia and Lesotho, seeking out clues about their route as they went. This included a lot of very challenging terrain. Think corrugated back roads in the Kahalari, shifting sand dunes in the Namib, treacherous Richersveld tracks, and more.

Everything You Need to Know About The ‘22 Pik Up Karoo Expedition


Incredible Performance Across All Terrains

De Kock and his team returned home after three full weeks of adventuring with only the highest praise for the Mahindra Pik Up Karoo DUSK, Karoo DAWN, and Karoo STORM vehicles. Even though they went out of their way to put the vehicles through their paces, there were no issues in sight, and the bakkies surpassed their expectations at every turn. In fact, De Kock promptly requested to buy the Pik Up he drove up on their return!

Everything You Need to Know About The ‘22 Pik Up Karoo Expedition


So, what set the Karoo models apart on the road? Here are a few of the aspects that stood out for the adventuring team as they made their way through some of southern Africa’s most beautiful and challenging regions:

  • Unique, heavy-duty suspension
  • 16″ hardened alloy rims
  • Off-road tyres with a tough tread pattern
  • Custom-designed approach and departure bumpers with recovery points
  • Shift-on-the-fly 4×4 system with auto-locking rear differential
Everything You Need to Know About The ‘22 Pik Up Karoo Expedition


What a journey it must have been! Take a deep dive here if you want to see how it all went down.

Keen to pave the way for adventures of your own? Get in touch with the Group 1 Mahindra team at our branches in Midrand or Kuils River to book a test drive today. There is simply no better way to get a feeling of what the Mahindra Karoo is capable of than settling behind the wheel – and we can even bring the bakkie to you…

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Five New Electric SUVs Based On A New Skateboard By Mahindra

Posted on 27 Sep 2022 under Mahindra Electric Vehicles

INGLO EV Platform To Be Used In Five New Mahindra EV SUVs

INGLO EV Platform To Be Used In Five New Mahindra EV SUVs

We know Mahindra is very involved in electric tuk-tuks and last-mile delivery vehicles, but when are they going to mainstream EVs into their range? Pretty soon, it turns out.

The Indian giant will launch five EV SUVs between 2024 and 2027 and expect by the latter date that a quarter of its SUV portfolio will be electric. Two of the cars will be part of the luxury XUV range – the XUV.e8 and .e9. There will also be a brand new range called BE – the .05, 07 and 09.

All five vehicles will be based on Mahindra’s state-of-the-art INGLO EV platform, based on VW’s MEB platform. This platform is called a skateboard because it has a flat rectangular surface, a battery pack, a wheel on each corner and an electric motor between the sets of wheels. It is modular, which means you can vary the size of the battery pack and the motors within specific parameters.

The MEB platform is used in all VW brands like Audi, Skoda and the like, and by Ford for their EV programme. Mahindra is just the latest major brand to buy into this technology.

This new INGLO platform will be one of the lightest skateboards using class-leading high-energy batteries and the name evokes flow and exchange of energy and emotion into a system that creates harmony between man and machine.

INGLO will offer between 60 and 80kWh of battery capacity which can take a direct current charge of 175kW and charge up to 80% in 30 minutes.

It also features V2L, or vehicle to load, a way to plug any electrical device into the car and use the battery power for other purposes.

The new EVs will offer good safety, range and efficiency and enrich the driving experience with a futuristic, augmented reality heads-up display, edge-to-edge screen, 5G network and online updating.

The platform will also have enhanced aerodynamics, and reduced rolling resistance with 5.5 RRC tires and zero-drag wheel bearings. It also features high-efficiency heating, cooling and ventilation.

The rear-wheel drive models will offer between 170 and 210kW, while the AWD will add an 80kW motor, giving a power range of 250 to 290kW.

The INGLO will feature semi-active suspension and brake by wire tech, and is specifically designed to meet the Global NCAP rating.

Keep up with Mahindra during these fast-paced times by following us on our blog.

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Mahindra Partners With Indian Logistics Chain On 0%-Emission Delivery

Posted on 16 Sep 2022 under Mahindra Electric Vehicles

Mahindra + Indian Logistics Chain = Carbon-Neutral Delivery

Mahindra + Indian Logistics Chain = Carbon-Neutral Delivery

If there is one thing we love most about being part of the Mahindra Group, it’s being a part of the solution. Most recently, Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited (MEML) had us all applauding at our South African Group1 Mahindra dealerships when we learned that they had partnered with Delhi-based start-up Terrago Logistics to make pollution-free last-mile delivery a possibility.

MEML is the foremost supplier of electric three-wheeler vehicles throughout India, of which the Mahindra Treo Zor cargo vehicle is one of the most prevalent. Terrago has been using these zippy little numbers to facilitate the delivery of goods for Big Basket (an online shopping giant) and Porter (a big logistics company). The partnership between MEML and Terrago will now see this zero-emission fleet expanding quite rapidly in the coming months.

What Makes the Mahindra Electric Treo Zor so Amazing?

It’s not surprising that Terrago has selected the Treo Zor as their vehicle of choice. Here are a few fast stats about this amazing e-vehicle that shows why its popularity has soared ever since the first-generation models were rolled out in 2020.

The Treo Zor comes to the logistics party with:

  • Best-in-industry power of 8 kW
  • Best-in-class torque of 42 Nm
  • Highest-in-class payload of 550 kg
  • Longest-in-industry wheel-base of 2216 mm
  • Largest-in-industry tires of 30.48 cm
  • Advanced lithium-ion technology
  • Standard 3-year/80 000km warranty
  • Fatigue free driving experience
  • Vibration-free ride
  • Clutchless automatic transmission

Add to this an efficient fleet-management platform with trip reports, live traceability, geo-fencing and vehicle performance stats on the demand, and you have the perfect fleet vehicle in a nutshell.

Why Terrago Loves Mahindra

According to Suman Mishra, the CEO of MEML, Terrago falls right into the key demographic that was envisioned in the vehicle’s design and development phases. The business provides end-to-end logistics solutions in multi-modal transport, warehousing, and last-mile delivery. As such, they were perfectly positioned to take advantage of the higher savings and zero tailpipe emission of the Treo Zor.

There you have it – the latest news on the partnership between Mahindra Electric and Indian Logistics Group Terrago that is making emission-free delivery a reality. We will bring you more news on this exciting front as it becomes available.

In the meantime, keep an eye on the blog for more inspiring insights into the world of auto tech, and remember to reach out to a Group1 Mahindra representative if you would like to learn about the amazing models we currently have on our showroom floors in Kuils River and Midrand.

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Mahindra XUV500 vs. XUV700 And Scorpio SUV vs. Scorpio-N

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Mahindra XUV500 vs. XUV700 And Scorpio SUV vs. Scorpio-N

Which Mahindra SUV – The XUV500, The XUV700, The Scorpio or the Scorpio-N?

We have the excellent Mahindra XUV500 and the impressive Mahindra Scorpio SUV, to which we will soon add the 7-seat Mahindra XUV700 and the luxurious Mahindra Scorpio-N. Too much of a good thing can make it difficult to decide, so we will do a quick comparison about what is what so you can have an idea of which one is for you.

Let’s start with what we have: the XUV500 and the Scorpio SUV. The first difference between the XUV500 and XUV700 and the two Scorpios is in the body construction. The first two are monocoque construction, which means the body is built in one piece on a chassis like a car. The Scorpios come from the bakkie and are ladder frame construction, a more robust build method, but the monocoque vehicles will drive more like cars, the Scorpios like bakkies. The Scorpios are rear-wheel drive or 4×4, while the XUV500 and XUV700 are front-wheel drives or all-wheel drives.

The 500 and Scorpio both come with the excellent m-hawk 2.2 turbo diesel, and we assume the XUV700 and the N will have the same, but time will tell on launch.

Mahindra XUV500

Mahindra XUV500

Mahindra XUV500

The XUV500 is currently the most luxurious Mahindra on our showroom floors. It is a five-seater that comes in four trim levels, with M/T and auto options. Luxury and safety features are plenty, with the top trim model equal to or better than anything in its class. This is an urban SUV that is comfortable going onto rougher terrain.

Mahindra Scorpio SUV

Mahindra Scorpio

Mahindra Scorpio

The Scorpio SUV is a five-seater, rugged, off-road capable SUV that can be compared to the Jeep Cherokee and similar vehicles. Although more rugged than the XUV500, it is still quite luxurious inside. It comes in three trim levels, a rear-wheel drive and two 4x4s. This is an off-roader that is comfortable in the city, although the drive is not as sophisticated as the XUV500.

Mahindra XUV700

Mahindra XUV700

Mahindra XUV700

This is very much the big brother, the seven-seat next level iteration of the XUV500. In India, it has garnered the Safest Car accolade and will make a welcome addition to the top-range SUV options in South Africa.

Mahindra Scorpio-N

Mahindra Scorpio-N

Mahindra Scorpio-N

The Scorpio-N is a rugged 7-seater that will take you anywhere in luxury and safety. It should offer both rear-wheel drive and 4×4 options, and the South African launch is so imminent that you can already pre-book a test drive.


The XUV500 and Scorpio SUV are here right now and you check out the options and their prices and take them for a test. The XUV700 and Scorpio-N will soon be in South Africa. We don’t yet have the prices and other details, so you will have to wait and see – stay tuned to our socials for updates.

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Mahindra Pik Up Karoo DUSK DAWN and STORM Editions

Posted on 05 Aug 2022 under Mahindra Pik-Up, New Car Launches

New Mahindra Pik Up Karoo bakkies

New Mahindra Karoo Special Edition Bakkies

Considering the competitive nature of South Africa’s bakkie segment, standing out and staying relevant can be challenging. However, the Mahindra Pik Up Karoo seems to have the right recipe as the carmaker is introducing three special editions to extend its local range of tough, reliable and affordable bakkies.

Mahindra has taken inspiration from the spectacular Karoo landscape to create limited-edition vehicles. The Mahindra Pik Up Karoo DUSK, Karoo DAWN, and Karoo STORM vehicles are designed to convey the quality of an authentic brand built around the fundamental needs of consumers who need dependable and capable bakkies that allow them to explore even the toughest terrain.

The impressive and highly popular Mahindra Pik Up Karoo deserves all the praise, especially since the locally designed bakkie in Durban has seen impressive sales figures. They’ve also recently rolled out the 10,000th vehicle which shows a significant growth in production as a result of the vehicle’s popularity.

In fact, the Mahindra Pik Up has been one of the fastest-growing bakkie brands in the last five years largely due to the combination of reliability and capability.

What’s New On The Mahindra Pik Up Karoo Special Edition?

All three special edition models share the underpinnings of the upgraded Mahindra Pik Up Karoo platform. The Karoo range now features new decals as standard, branded Karoo interior carpets, a nudge bar and a load bin-mounted sports bar with special Karoo detailing.

The Mahindra Pik Up Karoo DUSK, Karoo DAWN and Karoo STORM offer many of the same features that made the first edition such a success. But, they’ve added several new features, including an all-leather interior, custom paint colours, an upgraded HD 9″ infotainment system with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and built-in maps.

When it comes to ruggedness and overall refinement, all three special Mahindra Pik Up Karoo models get the following:

  • Heavy-duty off-road suspension
  • Off-road tyres and hardened 4×4 rims (including one for the spare wheel)
  • Front and rear steel bumpers for better off-road clearance
  • Front bumper with special LED driving lights
  • Bumpers are securely anchored to the chassis with recovery and hitching points
  • Rear step with non-slip diamond plating
  • Rubberised load bins
  • Rear over-fenders

All of these features give the bakkie a purposeful, aggressive stance while clearly differentiating each special edition model from the rest of the line-up.

What About The Interior?

All of the Mahindra Pik Up Karoo special editions have the same stylish, modern and comfortable interior with leather seats and many other features, including the following:

  • Touchscreen infotainment system with reverse camera
  • Bluetooth phone connectivity
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability
  • Cruise control
  • Climate control
  • Multi-function steering wheel
  • Power Steering
  • Electric windows
  • Central locking
  • 12V Charging Points – Front and Rear
  • Rain Sensing Windscreen Wipers
  • Follow Me Home Headlamps
  • Light Sensing Headlamps
  • Static Bending Headlamps
  • One Touch Lane Change Indicator
  • Remote Fuel Cap (Electrically Operated)
  • Puddle lamps
  • Armrest for Driver and Co-Driver

Power, Performance and Safety

The Mahindra Pik Up Karoo special editions are generously powered by the legendary 2.2-litre, 4-cylinder mHawk turbodiesel engine delivering 103 kW and 320 Nm of torque through a six-speed automatic gearbox. Not only does it offer a sense of reliability second to none but it provides effortless acceleration and all the power you need for on-road and off-road credentials performance.

For its size, the Mahindra Pik Up Karoo special editions provide a respectable combined fuel economy of 9.3L/100km. Payload capacity is right up there at 995 kg while the braked towing capacity is 2,500kg and 750kg unbraked. With ground clearance of 210mm and generous approach, departure and break-over angles, these off-roaders are seriously impressive.

In terms of safety, all three Karoo models benefit from ABS, EBD, driver and passenger airbags, autolocking doors, side impact protection bars, collapsible steering column and Isofix Child Seat Anchors. Here is a brief summary of each special edition.

Mahindra Pik Up Karoo DUSK

The new and improved Karoo DUSK model is inspired by the pitch-black nights you can only experience in a desert setting. With the Karoo DUSK and nightfall as visual inspiration, Mahindra wrapped the Karoo DUSK in a matt black film and finished off with black and blue Karoo decals.

One of the standout offroad features of the Pik Up Karoo DUSK is the uprated suspension system. It includes heavy-duty gas-filled offroad shock absorbers, heavy-duty, custom leaf springs and new suspension bushes which all contribute to exceptional performance on tough terrain.

The Mahindra Pik Up Karoo DUSK has a colour-coded sports bar on the load bin, side-mounted steel steps, over fenders and a roller shutter to keep your sporting equipment, fishing or camping gear safe and secure.

Mahindra Pik Up Karoo DAWN

The Mahindra Pik Up Karoo DAWN is the first of the new additions to the range. Taking inspiration from the glorious colours of early Karoo mornings, it’s finished in a sandy beige colour that is popular among farmers and those looking to explore the road less travelled.

Mahindra’s designers captured the colours of the desert beautifully; leading to the unique body colour and the rich orange highlights in the special Karoo decals. The Mahindra Pik Up Karoo DAWN shares all the same features as the Karoo DUSK, except for the roller shutter door and long sports bar. Instead, they’ve added an additional heavy-duty roof rack and flush-mounted tonneau cover.

Mahindra Pik Up Karoo STORM

The third special edition is the Mahindra Pik Up Karoo STORM which was inspired by the stunningly beautiful, and rare, Karoo rainSTORMs and similarly named poems. This model captures the sudden change in the Karoo desert with clouds building and the sky changing colour indicating that a STORM is coming.

To visualise the special experience of being in a Karoo STORM, Mahindra finished the Pik Up Karoo STORM in a unique light blue hue. By referencing the smell of wet desert soil and the calmness that follows a quick and violent downpour, it is perfectly accentuated by the black-and-grey Karoo decals.

It too has a factory-fitted approach and departure bumper, a rubberised load bay, tonneau cover and special off-road rims and tyres but no roof racks. The Mahindra Pik Up Karoo STORM also gets a full leather interior and tough-as-nails rubber mats.

Final Thoughts: Mahindra’s Special Edition Pik Ups

Whether you’re a farmer, builder, experienced off-road warrior or a weekend overland adventurer, the Mahindra Pik Up Karoo special editions are up to the task. Here is what Rajesh Gupta, CEO of Mahindra South Africa had to say:

“The Karoo nameplate signifies our commitment to South Africa and the way South Africans have adopted the Pik Up lifestyle range as their desire to ‘Unleash the Explorer in You’ and enjoy the adventure and family fun. This is equally true of our new Karoo DAWN, DUSK and STORM models, and we are very excited to showcase our range of Authentic Bakkies to our fans.”

If you would like to find out more about the Mahindra Pik-Up Karoo special editions or to book a test drive, please contact Group1 Mahindra in Midrand or Kuils River.

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Second Safer Car Award For Mahindra SUVs

Posted on 25 Jul 2022 under Mahindra SUVs, Mahindra XUV700

New Mahindra SUV Wins Award For Safer Cars After The XUV300

New Mahindra SUV Wins Award For Safer Cars After The XUV300

We all want our cars to be as safe as possible – here, around the world, in India as well, the home of Mahindra. The proof of the pudding is that the Mahindra XUV700 has been awarded the ‘Safer Cars for India’ award, the second of the marque after the Mahindra XUV300 won the same award shortly after its relaunch this year.

The Safer Cars initiative was launched by the Global NCAP in 2014 with the objective of promoting safer cars in that vast country. We in South Africa also benefit from this, for although the XUV700 is not yet sold here, the XUV300 is a very popular compact SUV among SA motorists.

To qualify for this award, a car has to meet the most stringent safety standards.

Adult And Child Occupant Protection

The car must achieve a 5-star score for adult occupant protection based on the latest test protocols. NCAP ratings get more stringent every year with the rapid strides made in vehicle safety, so a 2010 car will be measured on a different scale than a 2020 car.

Al least 4-stars for child occupant protection must be reached as well.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

The car must have ESC which performs to specific United Nations regulations. Where optional, ESC must be available on all model variants, sold separately without bundling with other features, and quite soon will have to be a standard fit for at least 20% of the sales volume.

Pedestrian Protection

The car must meet UN pedestrian protection regulations and be validated at a Global NCAP laboratory.


The XUV700’s safety features include 7 airbags, electronic stability, autonomous driver assistance systems like front collision warning, lane keep assist, lane departure warning, driver drowsiness detection, 360 degrees surround view, blind view monitoring, electronic parking brake, tyre pressure monitoring and so on.


The XUV300 won the same accolade earlier this year. It comes in six trim levels starting at R234,999 and is available in petrol and diesel. To find out how safe it is, what a good drive and what great value for money it is – book a test drive today to see for yourself.

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Mahindra Rebranding Could Reach New Heights In Luxury

Posted on 07 Jul 2022 under Mahindra

Mahindra Rebranding Heralds A New Growth Phase

Mahindra Rebranding Heralds A New Growth Phase

A few years ago you probably wouldn’t have associated the term “luxury” with Mahindra but that has all changed. This is largely due to a massive rebranding effort to become more competitive and offer customers affordable yet luxurious vehicles.

The car giant’s efforts haven’t gone unnoticed, especially with the latest models in the range. Since its entry into the South African market in 2004, Mahindra has sold more than 75 000 vehicles, and the latest Mahindra rebranding could see the car maker reach new heights.

They are fast becoming one of the brands to watch with new and refreshed models ready to compete with just about anyone!

Mahindra Focuses On The Future Of Luxury And Affordable Vehicles

The renewed corporate identity, referred to as the Twin Peaks logo, reflects the car maker’s desire to create a paradigm shift in luxury vehicles; a new world order if you will. By launching a range of beautifully rebranded vehicles, their goal is to provide drivers with a new-age ownership experience.

Fresh designs are being added to the line up which may appeal to a wider audience. The new look is meant to prepare customers for upcoming models that will be released in the coming months.

Rajesh Gupta, CEO of Mahindra South Africa stated: “In the coming months’ customers will see a complete rejuvenation of our approach and several exciting new additions to our range of authentic SUVs and lifestyle bakkies.”

Rebranded Mahindra SUV and Lifestyle Bakkies

Considering Mahindra has been tremendously successful in South Africa for 18 years and expanding into other sub-Saharan countries, it’s no surprise they are fast becoming a top contender. Gupta further stated: “Our new logo is more than just a visual change. It heralds a new growth phase for Mahindra in South Africa.”

Sachin Arolkar, Head of International Operations for the Mahindra Automotive Division also commented: “The visual overhaul of our identity will be done in a phased manner across our nameplates of SUV and lifestyle bakkies, and across all the virtual and physical touchpoints where our customers interact with us.”

Among the rebranded models with the twin-peaks logo is the all-new Mahindra XUV700 which will be available in South Africa. Other vehicles to follow include the Scorpio-N and two SUVs that the carmaker hopes would “Unleash the Explorer in You”.

Mahindra XUV700 To Replace The XUV500

Although there is no confirmation on pricing, the Mahindra XUV700 is set to replace the XUV500. While product planning is only now starting with the local specification, the car giant expects the South African model to closely resemble the Indian specification levels.

The interior looks modern, sleek and stylish while the exterior resembles a true-to-form luxury vehicle which should have a more attractive price tag. The XUV700 will have a comprehensive safety offering, including

  • seven airbags
  • electronic stability control
  • front collision warning with automatic emergency braking
  • lane keep assist and driver drowsiness detection

While the new XUV700 may be the future, Mahindra has steadily upped the ante as the latest Mahindra Scorpio, XUV300 and XUV500 models already look the part. They also offer a wide range of safety and convenience features, not to mention refined styling and driving experience.

New Mahindra Scorpio N: The Epitome Of Luxury and Performance

The new Mahindra Scorpio-N will be a cut above the current-generation Scorpio but it retains the 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine and the 2.2-litre diesel engine from the Mahindra Thar and the new XUV700. Both are available with either a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed torque converter.

In terms of safety and luxury, the new Mahindra Scorpio N has a lot to offer, including a four-wheel-drive system named ‘4XPLOR’. It gets mechanical locking rear differential and brake locking front differential with four terrain modes. Some of the standout features include:

  • six airbags
  • driver drowsiness detection
  • tyre pressure monitoring system
  • dynamic stability control
  • vehicle dynamics control
  • traction control and roll-over mitigation
  • hill hold control and hill descent control
  • front and rear parking sensors
  • trailer sway mitigation
  • 7-inch TFT MID in the instrument console
  • wireless charger
  • sunroof
  • 12-speaker 3D surround sound system from Sony
  • dual-zone automatic climate control
  • powered driver’s seat
  • 70+ connected car features

Mahindra Readies For The Future

With so much competition in the automotive world, car makers need to be on their toes, ready to adapt to changing trends. Mahindra has done exactly that, and for some time, as some of their recent vehicles have a certain confidence about them.

In light of the rebranding efforts, and acquiring Automobili Pininfarina a few years ago, it’s evident that Mahindra is laser-focused on becoming more of a luxury brand. Judging from the current and upcoming range of Mahindra vehicles in South Africa and abroad, they certainly seem to be on track.

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