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South Africa’s Working Bakkie – The Mahindra Bolero

Posted by on 25 Mar 2022

Mahindra Bolero bakkie

Mahindra Bolero bakkie – the reliable working bakkie

There are lots of bakkies on our roads, on our farms, in our businesses. We are talking working bakkies, not the weekend warrior kind. There are great working bakkies in South Africa, but have you looked at the prices? Imagine getting a ding or a scrape, or even getting it dirty? Jislaaik! At that price. Why are they so expensive? What do they do that is different from what a bakkie should do? If you have to carry a load from here to there, whether you are a farmer or work in construction, run a garden service or look after a sports field, you need a working bakkie. What makes a bakkie a working bakkie?

Let’s deconstruct your working bakkie. Let’s look at what it must have and what it can have, and what you are willing to pay for.

Your basic bakkie has a strong chassis to take the punch. A proper load-bed configured for what you need. A simple diesel that will keep going. A simple cab in which to sit and drive the bakkie. A bakkie for everyone on the site to drive, with nothing to break or go wrong. One that does not cost the earth to buy or very much to keep going. The Mahindra Bolero goes from basic to better, so let’s look at the Mahindra Bolero range.

The Mahindra Bolero Maxi-Truck Plus

Starts at R179 900, will carry 1150kg, has a turbo-diesel that gives you 46 kW and 195 Nm from as low as 1400rpm and a solid 5-speed manual. This is your basic bakkie that will work and keep working.

The Mahindra Loader and Dropside

Start at R196,499* and R202,999* respectively. These have the stronger NEFTCI Turbo Diesel that gives you 74 kW and 238 Nm with a 5-speed manual and a couple of other nice-to-have features. Both carry up to 1100kg payload, but the dropside’s bed is bigger, lower, and can drop the sides as well.

Single Cab 4×2

This one starts at R207,999* and is very similar to the Loader, but with air-con and heater, power steering, colour-coded bumpers, a spare tyre and a front headrest. You will probably get this for yourself as an individual or for your foreman.

Double Cab 4×2

The Double Cab is probably the best-priced twin cab at R244,999*, but very similar to the Single Cab above. Now you can drop your kids at school or take your clients to the site. It has the same features as the Single Cab above, as well as front headrests, a side step and door decals.

Single Cab 4×4 and Double Cab 4×4

Similar to Single and Double Cab 4×2 above, it features a 4×4 powertrain. The Single Cab starts at R242,999* and the Double at R277,999*, which makes them the best-priced full-sized 4x4s you can get.

All the bakkies in the range come with a 2-year/50 000km warranty and an optional 3-year/60 000km service plan. Bolero bakkies come in a serviceable white, which also makes them easy to brand for your business.

So here you have the full spectrum of dedicated working bakkies and you simply need to choose the one you need. Mahindra Bolero owners tend to hold onto their bakkies, but if you get a good used one, that will be worth waiting for.

*Pricing correct at time of writing.

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