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New Mitsubishi Outlander Range Delivers On All Fronts

Posted by on 12 Jul 2022

Mitsubishi Outlander Range: Everything You Need To Know

Mitsubishi Outlander Range: Everything You Need To Know

Is the 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander a good car? Let’s find out by taking a closer look at the current model in South Africa and by exploring the new Mitsubishi Outlander which has been launched in overseas markets. We will also answer some popular questions about this modern, stylish, robust and award-winning SUV.

Mitsubishi Outlander Range

While the new Mitsubishi Outlander has a 135kW/245Nm 2.5-litre, four-cylinder petrol engine with a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT), the South Africa variant is slightly different.

It has a 2.4-litre MIVEC DOHC 16-valve 4-cylinder engine delivering 123 kW @ 6,000rpm and 222 Nm @ 4,100rpm. There is also talk of launching a new plug-in hybrid variant but there is no confirmation yet whether it will be available locally.

What’s New On The 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander?

Using Mitsubishi’s “Dynamic Shield” design style, the new Outlander looks tough as nails but without losing any curb appeal. The sleek design lines and modern finishing coupled with good ground clearance and an aggressive front grille give this SUV a muscular appearance.

On the outside, the latest Outlander has horizontal grille bars, a large six-element with LED headlights that you can’t help but admire. At the rear are jet tail fin pillars which took inspiration from the vertical tail of aeroplanes. Apart from adding to the overall look, it’s an expression of the vehicle’s powerful and nimble road performance.

Like many luxury cars today, the new Mitsubishi Outlander does come with a sunroof but only certain variants. Abroad, the Outlander Exceed and the Exceed Tourer models come standard with a sunroof.

The Mitsubishi Outlander Interior

Adding to the streamlined exterior is the plush, luxurious and feature-rich interior with great attention to detail. The four-spoke, the multi-function steering wheel is a real hit while the window switches, scroll wheels, and drive mode knob is designed with quality and function in mind.

The new Mitsubishi Outlander has auto-electric windows on all four doors and quilted leather in the top-end model. As you’d expect from a car of this calibre, the start button is in an easy-to-reach position on the dashboard and the gear lever doesn’t wiggle as it often does in many other cars.

For the price, it feels like you are getting more than you bargained for.

“With the powerful, chiselled bodywork and a premium cabin, it is totally reimagined and will be highly competitive in the mid-sized SUV class,” explained Jeffrey Allison, Mitsubishi Motors South Africa’s general manager of marketing.

Is The New Mitsubishi Outlander A 7-Seater?

While the Mitsubishi Outlander does have a third row of seats, it may be a tight fit for adults compared to the previous model. However, there is more than enough head and legroom for the driver, front passenger and those in the second row along with sufficient cargo space for groceries, school bags and other goodies.

Can The New Mitsubishi Outlander Go Off-Road?

The new Mitsubishi Outlander range offers a choice of AWD with 4×4 on demand, or front-wheel drive (FWD). This means that AWD models operate mostly as front-wheel-drive cars to save on fuel, but they can also send torque to the rear wheels when extra traction is needed.

With 4×4 on demand, drivers get the option to keep the car in constant AWD when going off-road or know you will come across difficult driving conditions such as mud, sand or snow. Speaking of snow, the Outlander’s snow mode performs exceptionally well, provided you fit good quality tyres.

The system responds quickly when remapping the throttle, transmission, and stability control responses. This makes the new Mitsubishi Outlander seem more stable and controlled despite inclement weather or rough terrain.

Is the 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander a safe car?

Not only is the new Mitsubishi Outlander a good-looking SUV but it also has a five-star safety rating from independent assessor ANCAP. With dual frontal, side chest-protecting and side head-protecting curtain airbags, as well as a centre airbag and a driver’s knee airbag, it achieved the following scores:

  • 92% for ‘child occupant protection’
  • 83% for ‘safety assist’ and ‘adult occupant protection’
  • 81% for ‘vulnerable road user protection’ 

It’s not surprising that the new Mitsubishi Outlander received such high safety ratings since all of the models in the range have eight airbags and many other standard safety features, including

  • autonomous emergency braking
  • reverse camera
  • front and rear parking sensors
  • lane-departure warning
  • lane-keep assist
  • adaptive cruise control
  • blind-spot monitoring with braking support
  • traffic-sign recognition
  • driver attention alert

Is The 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander Economical?

The most fuel-efficient model in the Outlander range is the five-seater ES FWD. Mitsubishi claims that it uses 7.5 litres/100km on a combined cycle. It is slightly more economical than the current Mitsubishi Outlander in South Africa with 8.2 litres/100km.

Has The Mitsubishi Outlander Won Any Awards?

For the first time since 1954, Mitsubishi was featured on the awards list, winning the iF DESIGN AWARD 2022. This award recognised the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV for its form, function and differentiation.

The all-new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is the automaker’s flagship model which combines the best in electrification and all-wheel control technologies. It also utilises a new-generation platform and a wide range of advanced technologies.

That’s not all as the new Outlander has also won the Japan New Car Assessment: Performance (JNCAP) Safety Award.

Mitsubishi Outlander In South Africa

Considering the new look and luxurious interior with loads of safety and comfort features, the new Outlander is a worthy contender in a tough segment. While several models have already been launched in overseas markets, there is no confirmation yet of what we can expect to see in South Africa.

One thing is certain; we love this creative energy shown by Mitsubishi and will keep you posted on any developments in this space. Until then, contact our experienced sales team in Kuils River or Stellenbosch to find out more about the Mitsubishi Outlander and all the other models in our showroom.

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More Mitsubishi Dealerships Expand The Local Footprint

Posted by on 20 May 2022

Mitsubishi Kuils River entrance

Mitsubishi dealers are growing in numbers

Mitsubishi Motors South Africa (MMSA) has had a busy few years albeit somewhat under the radar. In addition to a few new vehicle launches, they are now expanding their local footprint by opening more Mitsubishi dealerships. This comes on the back of a highly successful 2021 with noticeable growth in sales. They saw an increase of 47.5% compared to the same period in 2019 and 71.5% more than in 2020. “Last year will be remembered as one of recovery and consolidation for the local automotive industry,” said Mitsubishi Motors South Africa (MMSA).

New Mitsubishi Dealerships Mean Increased Market Share

The addition of 6 new Mitsubishi dealerships is indicative of MMSA bucking the trend and increasing its overall market share as a result. That takes the total number of Mitsubishi dealerships to 101 with 48 sales dealers and 53 aftersales dealers across the country.

According to Nic Campbell, the general manager at MMSA, “With the introduction of the Xpander, Mitsubishi is now competing in a completely different price range and segment than before. As such, our sales volumes have been positively impacted. It also speaks to MMSA’s customer-first focus of bringing out the right product for the market at the right time, with a competitive value proposition.”

The new Mitsubishi dealerships are a continuation of the brand’s approach to the strategic placement of such facilities to capitalise further on the ever-growing popularity of the Mitsubishi brand. Steven Terblans, the general aftersales manager added:“It goes hand in hand with our targeted new model strategy and aims to continue bringing new customers into the Mitsubishi fold. A brand is only as strong as its dealer network, and Mitsubishi is fortunate enough to currently find itself on a very firm footing indeed.”

Flaunting A New Corporate Identity

The new Mitsubishi dealerships all showcase the automaker’s refreshed corporate identity, which they introduced in South Africa in April 2021. Jeff Allison, Marketing Manager at MMSA said: “These facilities communicate our vision, purpose, values, cultures and behaviour by using images, styles, colours and themes that represent the brand. We wanted to create spaces that are attractive and inviting, allowing customers to interact with our products in environments that appeal to the senses.”

Mitsubishi Dealerships Providing Exceptional Customer Service

The results of the latest National Automobile Dealers’ Association dealer satisfaction index survey clearly reflect the commitment of MMSA’s dealer network. Their dealerships not only achieved gold status but they were also recognised as the most improved overall brand in 2021 (+10.6%).

According to the data, Mitsubishi’s customer service index results improved from 91.5% in 2017. Between then and the end of 2021, it jumped to 95.42%, which is well above the preset target of 93.5%. A big contributor to this incredible performance is the introduction of Mitsubishi’s ‘fix right first-time’ strategy. It seems to be one of the most crucial factors in their overall service experience.

Terblans continued by saying: “We want to ensure that the customer experience is aligned with the expectations of our loyal customer base. Expectations change and evolve, and so do we, and for this reason, we are continuously improving and embracing change. Our aim is to create lifetime customer loyalty and the only way to boost our retention rate is to provide excellent service.”

Over and above the new Mitsubishi dealerships creating some excitement around the brand, more is to come in 2022. It looks like MMSA has plans to expand or upgrade most of its existing model ranges. Among the headlines is the introduction of the all-new Mitsubishi Outlander in the second half of 2022. For more up to date news from the motoring world, please read our blog or visit the website to see the latest and greatest vehicles at Group1 Mitsubishi dealerships.

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Two Awards In Two Countries For The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

Posted by on 07 Dec 2021

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV

Car awards are a dime a dozen. Almost every car ever has won some award – I can think of a couple that did not, but let’s not go there. But when the same car wins two awards, on different sides of the earth, for different reasons, there is something there.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross has just won AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Award in the States, while over in Japan the evolved plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) and Super-All Wheel Control (S-AWC) systems of the Eclipse Cross won the RJC Technology of the Year. RJC is the Automotive Researchers’ and Journalists’ Conference of Japan, which is a mouthful and probably why they just call it RJC.

Let’s look at the American award first. This award is for the car that is most satisfying to drive – so pretty straightforward. The Eclipse Cross got the highest score in the Compact Crossover SUV category, beating a strong field that included the likes of the Jeep Compass, Hyundai Tucson and Subaru Crosstrek.

This award has 36 categories, of which the Eclipse Cross either equalled or beat the other contenders in 32. Areas that stood out was the stylish interior and exterior design, driver’s seat comfort and good visibility, ease of getting in and out of the vehicle and the generous factory warranties. The Cross was found to have a high-quality build and of course the NHTSA 5-Star Safety Rating.

The Japanese reward is more technical and speaks to the specific attributes of the evolved plug-in-hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) and the Super All Wheel Control (S-AWC).

The PHEV Eclipse Cross uses the same groundbreaking optimised twin-motor 4WD from the revolutionary Outlander. This combines a quiet drive with powerful, stable driving, smooth acceleration and nimble handling. The electrification and all-wheel control give the driver a combination of safety, peace of mind and comfort.

This is the fifth time Mitsubishi has won the RTC Technology of year, having first done so back in ’93 with the (flashback) Galant and a model called the Eterna.

The Eclipse Cross is available in five trim levels in South Africa, and there is currently a very hot promotion on the go.

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Electric Cars Need Not Be Boring – Enter Mitsubishi Outlander

Posted by on 19 Nov 2021

Mitsubishi electric Outlander

The NEW Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

We all know electric and hybrid and hydrogen will be the drivers of our future cars. The costs of renewables are plummeting, while the ease of using them is improving rapidly, and in the background, Mother Nature has folded her arms and is tapping one foot in an increasingly menacing way. So we are all doomed to drive things that look like the Prius in future? Actually, no. Have a look at this if you think future motoring is going to be quiet and well behaved and really boring.

It is a race open to women only, with only compasses, maps and so allowed for navigation. A gruelling 2000km of rough desert from Nevada to California. So two women, a Sergeant Major and a Master Sargent in the US military entered the challenging challenge in the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV – an SUV, plug-in hybrid. Their vehicle was modified, but the standard Outlander has a 2.0-litre four-cylinder and two electric motors that together give you 142kW and 186Nm of torque.

And they came third. How boring is that in the greater scheme of things? Sure, they were allowed time to charge their batteries, but that does not detract from their ability. The sheer motoring grunt required to get a podium finish against “normal” cars shines a bright light on the electrified cars of the future.

Topline EVs will demolish everything, including superbikes, on a standing quarter mile. In the States, hybrid and full EV Ford F250s will power your house or business if weather knocks out the power. In China and India cheap EVs are helping fight the scourge of air pollution while transporting entire families and selected domestic and agricultural livestock over great distances.

Vehicles electrified in some way or the other will be the shape of our motoring future. Like all internal combustion cars of today, they will come in a range, from cheap and nasty to really wow. The Outlander has just shown how wow wow can be.

But most of us will never enter a rally and will demand that our car does what we want it to do as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. And that, dear readers, describes the Mitsubishi Outlander in a nutshell.

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