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Review: SA-Bound Renault Arkana Hybrid

Posted by on 10 Nov 2022

Renault Arkana Hybrid Coming To South Africa!

Renault Arkana Hybrid Coming To South Africa!

Electrification in the automotive sector is gaining even more traction as global emissions continue to increase. Now, Renault has joined the fray with the Renault Arkana hybrid edition which will likely enter the South African market in 2024.

Driving Electrification With The Renault Arkana Hybrid

Renault SA’s first hybrid-electric vehicle will be the Arkana, a new family-focused coupe-SUV with a stylishly sloped roof and loads of tech for an impressive all-rounder. The company is hoping to launch the Renault Arkana in South Africa sporting a 1.3-litre petrol or E-Tech Hybrid 1.6-litre engine that charges the batteries on the go.

Zian Van Heerden, sales and operations vice-president of Renault SA said the car is likely to arrive in South Africa early in 2024. The SA-bound Arkana was part of several new models and concept vehicles showcased at this year’s Paris Motor Show. Fit for five, this coupe-SUV has a similar façade to the current Renault Clio but is somewhat larger to incorporate the batteries and in line with modern car trends.

Renault Arkana Hybrid Styling

No matter where you go in the new Renault Arkana Hybrid, it will attract attention whether you’re a petrolhead or not. While the Arkana is based on the CMF-B modular platform used by the Renault Clio and Renault Captur, it is slightly larger. Based on the showcased model, the SUV coupe has 200mm of ground clearance, five spacious seats and a large boot ideal for shopping sprees, weekend getaways and daily school runs.

The Renault Arkana Hybrid Coupe features a sporty sloped roofline and sleek lines which are synonymous with the more luxurious German brands. The cabin has ample room with wide and comfortable seats, even for the passengers in the rear. As per the demo model at the Paris Motor Show, the functions and luxuries are up to scratch with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay for easy navigation and entertainment galore.

The dash and interior décor are similar to the current Renault vehicles in SA which includes a similar colourful screen display as the larger one in the all-new, fully-electric Renault Megane which is not yet confirmed for South Africa.

Driving The Renault Arkana Hybrid

In a recent test drive cruising out of city streets, the car automatically switched to full electric mode, driving in silence until the speed exceeded 60km/h. At that point, the 1.6-litre four-cylinder petrol engine kicked in and recharged the batteries while eating up the road in comfort and style.

Pushing 140kW and 148Nm of torque, the Arkana powers from 0-100km/h in 10.8 seconds which is pretty good for an SUV-type car of this size. An added benefit of the Arkana is the regenerative brakes that help to charge the 1.2kWh battery which contributes toward an impressive average fuel consumption of 4.8 litres/100km.

The drive feels luxurious and super comfortable which is further bolstered by the adjustable seat to match the high steering wheel position. In terms of layout, everything seems to be in the right place and within easy reach. Although the rear view is slightly obscured by the sloping roofline, it more than makes up for it with the trio of mirrors to clearly see what is happening behind you.

The Renault Arkana is easy to drive thanks to responsive steering which also aids in high-speed cornering. The front-wheel drive results in loads of front-end grip for a more enjoyable drive on even and uneven surfaces.

Renault At The 2022 Paris Motor Show

Along with the hybrid Renault Arkana, new ideas from the French automaker included the new 4Ever Trophy concept; a modern and more rugged version of the 1984 Renault 4 station wagon and a hatchback combo. Next on the list was the Renault 5 Turbo 3E which is an electric concept that pays tribute to the Renault 5 Turbo rally legend.

Renault showed its hand at the Paris Motor Show with the largest stand which included the new Austral SUV and the Espace concept, a stunning hydrogen-powered hatchback. Speaking of hybrid cars, Renault’s sister brand Alpine also showcased the hydrogen-powered Alpenglow concept.

Dacia also had something to show and that was the Manifesto all-terrain buggy concept and the Spring which is an all-electric spin-off of the Renault Kwid. These could play a pivotal role in Renault’s electrification ambitions in South Africa.

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Renault E-Tech Engineered Special Edition Comes To Life

Posted by on 28 Jun 2022

Renault Kiger SUV and Renault Triber MPV

Renault’s Kiger and Triber are among top cars in SA

With electric and hybrid vehicles growing in popularity across the globe, Renault has introduced the E-Tech-engineered special edition for the Clio, Captur, Arkana, and Megane electrified derivatives. Unsurprisingly, they’ve used design and style cues of the 100% electric Megane E-Tech for the new E-Tech-engineered special editions.

What Is The Renault E-Tech Engineered Special Edition?

E-Tech is the term for the innovative and exclusive technology of Renault which is protected by 150 patents. Renault relied on their immense expertise in electric vehicles and developed the system in collaboration with Renault F1 teams.

The E-Tech Hybrid drive system has a combustion engine, two electric engines, a battery and an automatic gearbox to create a more refined driving experience. As a result, the energy management of Renault’s hybrid cars is more efficient and intelligent which means extended range even in full electric mode.

E-Tech Engineered Special Edition Clio, Captur, Arkana and Megane

Renault’s E-Tech engineered special edition adds a modern feel to the four existing passenger vehicles already available in Europe and other international markets. The E-tech-engineered special edition benefits from all the impressive equipment that made the R.S. Line trim so popular but that’s not all. It also gets a new, high-end look with sporty colours and materials in accordance with current trends.

Starting with the exterior, the E-Tech engineered special edition design features Warm Titanium highlights on parts. This includes the F1® blade on the lower front bumper, the side and rear lower-body trims and rim markings. Another distinctive feature is Renault’s iconic diamond-shaped logo and lettering in shiny black on the vehicle’s front and rear.

Its overall appearance is topped off by a new E-Tech Hybrid or Plug-In Hybrid badge on the rear hatch door which is common for all Renault’s electrified vehicles. The final exterior feature on the special edition models is a bold but stylish graphic label on the driver’s door. The E-Tech Engineered Renault Clio, Captur, Arkana and Megane vehicles are available in various body colours.

Interior Design And Features

To complement the sporty exterior of Renault’s E-Tech-engineered special edition models, the interior needed to be special and it certainly is. The same desire that went into creating the beautiful exterior also resulted in a design that screams visual unity and character. This is largely due to the Warm Titanium stitching on the upholstery and gold decorative accents on the dashboard and air vents. The steering wheel features the letter ‘E’ as the E-Tech signature while the doors also feature a visual design reflecting the exterior door label.

Renault Leading The Charge In Electric Vehicles

For more than 10 years, Renault has been a pioneer in electric vehicles and continues to share its expertise with as many people as possible by providing universally available mobility solutions. Renault has two types of engines: E-Tech Hybrid and E-Tech Plug-In Hybrid, both of which were developed to fulfil the demands of a growing market. The E-Tech Engineered Special Edition models are as follows:

  • Arkana – E-Tech Hybrid
  • Renault Captur – E-Tech Hybrid and E-Tech Plug-In Hybrid
  • Renault Clio – E-Tech Hybrid
  • Megane – E-Tech Plug-In Hybrid

E-Tech Engineered Special Edition Delivers The Best Of Both Worlds

Designed to give occupants a more efficient and enjoyable driving experience, the Renault E-Tech special edition model combines an electric motor with a petrol engine, delivering the best of both worlds while the interior is luxurious, spacious and comfortable.

Through continued research and development, the E-Tech Engineered special edition models are economical, environmentally friendly and seductive in appearance. Starting in June, the E-Tech Engineered models will be available in France for the Clio, Arkana and Megane but the Renault Captur will only be released at a later stage.

There is no confirmation yet whether any of the E-Tech Engineered Special Edition models will be available in South Africa but we certainly hope so. To read more about new vehicle launches, motoring advice, and hybrid and electric vehicles, simply read our blog and follow us on Facebook.

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